Project Effect

We are on a mission to save you from Saturday. Further-more set you up for weekly wellness over the month of July.

We are opening our private fitness space to a select number of you who wish to join a group program spanning over 6 weeks on a Saturday night.

Dry July can feel a bit isolating sometimes and we understand New Zealand doesn’t offer too many alternatives to make it easy to shy away from alcohol.

So we’ve decided to bring the socializing in house for you. Mixing a ‘Hiit Tabata’ session with a mindful warm down. Further to that; post workout chats and non-alcoholic refreshments are included to give you a chance to dig into our P.e teachers for some wisdom.

On the final session, we will round the season off with a meal on the house.

Welcome to Project Effect, or P.E as we like to call it.

Spaces are Limited.

Project Effect Pricing

Saturday Nights / 5pm – 6pm or 6pm – 7pm
One Season / $35.00 / 6 Sessions / $210.00